Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Catching Up

Has it been that long? Yes I am afraid it has.  With all that has been going on here, from moving, to getting a new Mac, well things have gotten way behind.

I have been wondering how to start the dialog again.  So I will just start as I would with any friend that I have not seen in ages.  But I'll keep it short so as not to bore you to tears.  

First off my poor lap top had become so slow that I could hardly do anything with out falling asleep while waiting for it to save or even just switch applications.  It had become so bad that I didn't want to even open the lid.  Weeks of this and, as you can imagine, I was getting pretty backed up with my creative juices.  This is when I opened my watercolor box and began a new chapter. 

Fast forward.  I did at last, get a new computer, and one that is quite the Hercules.  My new Mac and I are happy together and the lap top sits comfortably on a side shelf.  I am sure that it is quite happy to retire.  But I digress.

Lets take a bit of a break here and give you a peek at one of my new Fall Collections. 

Natural raven feathers
Yes black Raven feathers.  These little feathers are created by hand and then inked and water colored and then placed in a 6"x6" brick pattern.  I have them available on Spoonflower and in the next few weeks they will be ready to purchase.

Pumpkin Patch
These pumpkins are also in the Fall Collection.  Now I have ordered these and from what I can tell they are printing as I am posting this.  I'll be SURE to post some pics of it as soon as I get it.  I can hardly wait.  I have ordered it in Eco canvas.  I have an order already to make a set of 4 table mats.  Thank you Patti!  The other side will look like this:
Autumn Leaves Pattern

This pattern is also being printed today on the same Eco canvas.  

So as you can see, things have been quite busy here in my little studio.  I have even had a studio make over. 

Well the studio is finished!! Here is the work done.  The hutch has been repainted with white chalk paint I believe I will paint the inside back panel to lighten it up a bit.  #studio #chalkpaint #makeover #furniture #art
Here is a look at the most part of the studio!  It works out amazing.  All I invested was the paint.  I re-purposed several things. I used black chalk paint as labels so that the drawers can be changed if needed. On the hutch there are two black panels on
Thank you for taking the time to read my post or look at my photographs and art. You can also join me on Instagram to be kept up to date on my new listings and the steps inside the studio to create the art.



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