Friday, November 6, 2015

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

Getting inspired has never been a problem with me.  I see something and I have a thousand ideas.  Its keeping those thousand ideas in order.  So every morning I state my intention for that day.  You know kind of like a proclamation.  Today I am going to blog or today I am going to paint a giant egg that sat on a wall.  I'm going to put big red lips on him but I won't let him not get put back together again. Nope my Humpty Dumpty will be a little broken but he will recover. After all we all are a little broken.  I think it is what makes us interesting.

So here is a peek.  

#humptydumpty was a smart #egg, a tad bit clumsy, but a good hearted and jovial one. That's why it was so important for him to get put back together after the great fall. #childrensbook #childstorybook #childhoodmemories #illustration #artwork #watercolor

I used 140 cold pressed paper with this image and Winsor and Newton cake water color pigments.  This version will be going in a pattern just as soon as my test prints come back from SpoonFlower.
#humptydumpty sat in a wall... I love old #nurseryrhymes. The #illustration, the crazy #story.  It's hard to say which inspires the #illustrations or theses stories. Here is my little Humpty Dumpty.  #childhoodmemories #childrensbook #childstorybook #wate
Of coarse I had to make him in his various stages.
#humptydumpty had a great fall!! And so the #story goes.  #drawing #colorful #watercolour #watercolor #water #color #illustration #illustrations #childrensbook #childstorybook #childhoodmemories #art #artist #artwork #artfulliving #winsorandnewton

I even added his rescuers, All the Kings horses and all the Kings men.  Actually shown here is the fabric that I have ordered.  I thought I would create some little plushy dolls that little hands could play with.  I would have LOVED this.  Infant I did create some dolls like this a while back but I did little "Peter Rabbit" from Beatrix Potter.   So back to Humpty Dumpty, I mirrored the elements (that's the horses and the soldiers) and when I get the fabric I will cut them out and sew them up.


They are about the size for little hands.  Toddler hands.  I will keep you all advised and make sure I post when I get them all done.
Now if that is not your style but a bit of sewing would be then I have taken that into consideration.

Well I believe that is enough for today.  I have so much more to get done and created.
 So Until next time!!

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